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Geo Detecting Treasure Caches – GDT

Written by Bill Kawa.
P.O. Box 1098
Mebane NC, 27302
919 665 0731

Metal Detecting, Geocaching, Scavenger Hunt, Finding Gold, GPS, Geo Detecting Treasure Hunts

Gold Prospecting and Equipment

Written by Mike Pung.
P.O. Box 1126
Nicoma Park OK, 73066
405 650 0542

Gold Cube, Gold Banker, Gold Prospecting, Gold Mining, Gold Prospecting Equipment, Highbanker

Metal Detectors and Equipment Sales

Written by Ed Huffman.
108 Hatcher Ln
Maryville, TN 37803
(865) 394 5200

Metal Detector Equipment, Metal Detectors, Metal Detecting, Metal Detector Sales, Gold Prospecting Equipment

XP Deus Metal Detector is The Best!

The XP Deus is in a class by itself!

If you haven’t heard about this great piece of equipment, then you’re an average hobbyist. The XP Deus is bar-none one of the metal detectors on the market today! State of the art wireless machine that has a control panel with a brain, download info from your computer for the latest updates. It’s also very light and durable for all conditions, makes it easy to grab and go when you need it. The wireless feature helps from getting the cords all tangled up and when you’re out in the thick of things this is a great feature all metal detectors should have.

image of XP Deus Metal Detector Complete Set

XP Deus Metal Detector Complete Set

Once one understands there are better metal detectors in this hobby that take you to the next level!

What makes XP Deus unit so great is it a multi-use machine which can be used for the starter detectorist and over time as you advance in the hobby move up to the more advance features. There is really no other metal detector out there like the Deus in today’s market of a very up-trending hobby. At times this hobby can very competitive, ever detecting hobbyist is trying to show off their great finds, but not everyone has the proper machine to do it, the XP Deus will put one on top and be the envy of the detecting world.

image of xp deus remote control face

XP Deus remote control face

What is also great for all types of experience hobby enthusiast is the fact the XP does a great job in high iron trashy hunts, this is great no matter what experience level you’re at. If one has ever been to an old historical area, most of the time it’s full of past junk and full of iron! Iron is a metal detector worst nightmare, there is nothing worst then trying to work around areas like this, some just give up. With the XP Deus it can go into places that are junky like this, also been detecting over pretty good and find treasure the common detector missed.

This machine also has a high reactivity around 0 making it one of the lowest in its class and faster results like no other. The search 13 inch x 11 inch DD coil has been tune to the control panel to help in these results, its takes proper technology to have this info transmit from the earth to the user at a fast rate. This also helps achieve great depths again going over areas that have been well detecting and find treasure others have not been able to locate. Imagine having a machine that takes you to the next level and over areas that have been search out, only to find treasures that have been missed?

image of xp dues wireless unit

XP Dues Wireless Unit

You can’t go wrong with this machine, and the price has to be factor in to its return on its investment that one will find more treasure like no other. It’s truly in a class by itself and the most enthusiastic detectorist will see it this way and make the proper decision to buy one today.

Easy to purchase a metal detector cheap online guaranteed!

Your Gold Prospecting Equipment Should Include Proper Clothing

Your Gold Prospecting Equipment Should Include Proper Clothing.

Having the proper attire is key components to your gold prospecting equipment.

man prospecting good clothing image

Man Prospecting Wearing Good Clothing

If you’re out in a gold bearing river, creek or any waterway you should consider some proper clothing. If I’m in a river prospecting for gold no matter what time of year I usually have a wet suite or waders on. This protects me from most of the elements, the cold weather time of year, dangerous creatures that you can’t see and sharp objects. The fact about this hobby is you’re most likely going to get wet and there are many dangers that go along with it. Being smart about what you wear can latterly be a matter of life or death in same situations.

gold bearing river image

Gold Bearing River

Knee High Water Proof Boots image

Knee High Water Proof Boots

For desert type situations I always have a good set of hiking boots that are also water resistant and very high quality, durable to handle every condition. The sun is a huge factor while in the dessert, proper clothing that is light on the body but protects you from the elements is very important. A good hat and sun glasses are a huge piece of gold prospecting equipment that I never leave out. It depends on the climate in your area, check around with other follow prospectors and see what they are wearing.

Always take precautions when you put your gold prospecting equipment together.

When one thinks about all the harsh condition they can endure you must consider the best attire that will protect yourself, and be comfortable at certain times of year. In humid summer months, think about light breathable clothing that you can easily wear and feel good in. The hot humid weather can drain you, so you must have the proper shirt, shorts or pants that wear nicely and are not too tight or lose. Make sure they are durable from getting wet or dirt all over them; it’s the norm for this hobby to be in these conditions.

Waterproof ponchos are also great for wet raining gold prospecting seasons.

Keep a waterproof poncho as a spare in my truck just in case a rain storms comes in unexpectedly. There is nothing worse the getting completely drench while you’re out on your hunt. In some regions storms can come in very fast, if you’re not prepared your setting up for a long wet day. A waterproof poncho can be very cheap piece of equipment you should never go without.

Strong, waterproof gloves in gold bearing creeks are essential.

Waterproof gloves are a great item to have when you’re in the water all day. I have many types from the basic $3 dollar pair to higher end that are thick rubber when digging through overburden sandbars, or when hard rock mining. The protection of a good set of gloves against sharp objects, grabbing poisonous creators, keep you warm is essential to a good hunt. Make this one of your necessities to your gold prospecting equipment, you won’t regret it!

gloves hard rock mining image

Gloves Hard Rock Mining

Gold prospecting equipment made easy at

The Great Outdoors and Metal Detecting Gear.

Getting the right outfits for your hunts can be crucial to success.

Sunset in green Field Landscape image

Sunset in green Field Landscape

Being outdoors has so many benefits and one know it’s much better if I have the proper gear for your hunts. A good set of boots is always a must; I have some just over ankle high water proof boots and some good quality socks. Some boots can go higher and are recommended for protection to deadly snakes, spider and more. There was one metal detecting adventures and I was glad I had my higher boots on, I came across a huge poisonous snake and the boots protected me. The fact they are also water proofs is great because I run into some creeks that I need to cross or I can metal detect.

image of black high top hiking boots

Black High Top Hiking Boots

Get the right outdoor attire for good metal detecting hunts.

To have good experience while on my metal detecting adventures I also like to have some additional gear like, sun protected safety glasses, this helps when you’re walking through some heavy brush or trees where tree limbs can poke you in the eye. A good set of gloves are also a good item to have, for protection, keep your hands warm in colder climates, and clean while your digging. My gloves are also washable which has a longer life expectancy. They can also keep your hands dry while you’re in some wet area’s trying to pull the treasure out of a hole, and great for creek hunts.

metal detecting finding treasure image

Metal Detecting Finding Treasure

Some of my outfits I usually wear in winter time is a good warm pullover with lots of pockets, warm hat, if it’s really cold some thermos and nice warm socks. Depending on where you live, you can adjust accordingly. I usually wear the same pants as much as I can, they get pretty dirty and one could go through allot of them if you’re in the dirt allot. This is a dirty hobby so you need to buy quality gear that will stand up to the outdoors.

If one is thinking about metal detecting in warmer climates I would recommend if possible wearing light clothing that breaths well, but for a decent price because you will go through them pretty fast. In these harsh environment areas that are really warm, you gear can really take a beating and if you’re not taking caution to this, it can be another expense you should avoid.

Protect your self while detecting at the beach.

For beach hunters a good set of beach shoes are a must, especially if you’re in the ocean. There is a strong possibility you could step on sharp rocks, glass, fish hooks or poisonous sea creators. One should also consider a good larger hat to keep the sun off your head and shoulders. I’m not trying to make a fashion statement while at the beach while metal detecting, so it’s not a big deal how I look, the bigger the hat the better. I wet suite is always a good choice but not necessary unless you in the water a long time or in the colder seasons.

Metal Detecting like a pro the easy and safe way.

Huge Gold Nugget Found Named the Devil’s Ear!

A huge nugget of gold, nicknamed the Devil’s Ear because of its peculiar shape, was found by miners in Siberia on Friday 13th, as a full moon shone over Russia.

Initially the precious lump was cast aside by a sifting machine, but was later spotted by an eagle-eyed worker at the Ukhagan mine in the Irkutsk region’s Bodaybinsky district.

‘Even the giant nugget’s weight seems sinister – including three sixes – 6.664kg (14.69lb)’ reported The Siberian Times.

image of Devils Ear Gold Nugget

Devils Ear Gold Nugget Found

A huge nugget of gold, nicknamed the Devil’s Ear because of its peculiar shape, was found by miners in Siberia on Friday 13th, as a full moon shone over Russia. Depending on its purity, it may be worth £180,000 ($300,000)

Depending on its purity, this would make the nugget worth around £180,000 ($300,000).

‘The nugget was found on Friday 13 June, coinciding with a full moon,’ said a statement by local officials.

‘The weight also favours secrecy – there are three sixes – and the shape is very similar to a pointy ear. So miners immediately called the find the Devil’s Ear.’

They admitted that the mine’s machinery, meant to identify gold, cast the find aside.

‘A worker, who started to level the pile, found the nugget.’

Now there is added excitement at the Siberian mine. Such finds rarely come singly.

‘If there is one, there will be a second and it is possible that very soon the Devil’s Ear will have a brother.’

Sergey Kozlov, Ugakhan director, said: ‘The nugget was found in a new mine that according to preliminary estimate doesn’t have that much gold.

‘Now the miners are very hopeful that an old saying ‘one nugget never walks alone’ will work for them again.

‘But first we will have to check the dropouts more carefully – to see what else the clever equipment threw away.’

The Welcome Stranger Nugget is thought to be the biggest gold nugget ever found.

worlds largest gold nugget image

worlds largest gold nugget image from

Weighing in at 72.02 kg (158.78 lbs), it was more than ten times the size of the Devil’s Ear nugget

The Welcome Stranger Nugget is thought to be the biggest gold nugget ever found.

Weighing in at 72.02 kg (158.78 lbs), it was more than ten times the size of the Devil’s Ear nugget recently found by miners in Siberia.

It was discovered near Dunolly, Victoria in Australia on 5 February 1869. The nugget was 61 cm (24 inches) wide. This compares to the Devil’s nugget which is 21 cm (8.3 inches) wide.

Soon after it was dicovered, the nugget was melted down into ingots and shipped to the Bank of England.

Source: Daily Mail UK

Create The Best Outdoor Adventure and Travels For The Whole Family


Outdoor adventure and travel is wonderful hobby for the whole family or with a pal, but never ever alone.

Depending upon the area you’re visiting, parks and reduced travel with people around and wonderful courses are okay to go at it alone, but the much less occupied more risky locations should consistently be with at the very least another individual just in case something occurs for your aid. There are other travels that additionally don’t include a park but are entirely off the grid and this is for the harsh outdoors tourist like massive hills or under the sea. When starting to acquire information before traveling outdoors, this can give some ideas to a great start of places to pick from, and they are all could be a fantastic experience for everyone in the group to explore the area you’re going to head off too.
outdoor adventure mountains ocean birds

outdoor adventure mountains ocean birds

The outdoors and traveling for fun does not consist of you traveling far or overseas. Perhaps finding a bunch of outdoor quest activities right in your very own neighborhood or community at the minimum distances and close to it. Spending plan does not have to hinder from exceptional outdoor quest or traveling. Simply take a while to scan around and exactly what is the proper location and this could potentially find all kind of excellent and revitalizing things to do.


If you’re having trouble discovering some good places for the best outdoor quest for travel, take into consideration chatting with to a community travel agency. Don’t think that there isn’t places around your community, try to factor this place into you activities, there are great places all around. When considering your home town and its unique places that have not before been considered, the majority of us never explores all that there really have to offer. So search this out, opportunities are all around and this might be a big surprised for the ultimate outdoor quest you don’t think about.


Checking out the internet for all kinds of wonderful outdoor adventure travel spots is a great way to star t off. Taking long distant travels for places all over the world is great if you have the cash. With the technology on the internet today, there is some great bargain to save you lots of money; there is hundreds of fantastic travel deals listed on a regular basis. No outdoor adventure travels that are taking into consideration should be for profit, but for a great trip and an excellent prices is nice, all you need to do is find it. While taking into consideration outdoor adventure and travel on the net today, there should definitely be great research on all type of great sites to help you, while saving your money to make it a better outdoor adventure.


Your outdoor adventure travel could consist of all sort of different tasks. For many individuals’ outdoor adventure travel journeys for metal detecting, gold prospecting, climbing, biking, geocaching, underwater treasure finding, camping, Trekking, are a few fascinating methods to  get your adrenaline pumping. Treasure hunting is fun and it is excellent exercise with quick paced activity when you obtain some fantastic locations! If you prefer to take your adventure to more extremes, try your skills to go rock climbing, deep seas diving, long hikes, and more. These are just a few places that additionally can be enjoyable and full of thrills and new experiences for the whole family. Whatever decides to do, choose your overall outdoor adventure with some great research and knowledge before setting out for the hunt and you will not be disappointed.


Thanks for reading and we hope you can share your experience with us today!